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Faculty Senate


Faculty Senate Members


Faculty Senate Committees
Appointed by the Senate



Graduation Review Board
Student Conduct Committee
Scholastic Review Committee
Faculty Excellence Award
Campus Safety Committee

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Faculty Senate Members

(Terms run Fall through Spring)
Eric Scott: Chair 2017-2019*
Erik Baer: Vice Chair 2017-2019*
Gayatri Sirohi: Senator-at-Large 2017-2019*
Kate Skelton: Senator-at-Large 2018-2020
Stephanie Ojeda Ponce: Secretary 2018-2020

Incoming Officers
Sam Alkhalili: Chair 2019 - 2021
Lonnie Somer: Vice Chair 2019 - 2021
Khoi Nguyen: 2019 - 2021

Aaron Moehlig: Pure & Applied Sciences: 2018-2020
Razmehr Fardad
: Pure & Applied Sciences: 2017-2019*
Lonnie Somer: Social Sciences: 2018 - 2020
Laurie Stusser-McNeil: Social Sciences: 2017-2019*
Laurel Lunden: Business:  2017-2019*
Sam Alkhalili: Business: 2018-2020
Nicole Wilson: Health, Education, & PE: 2018-2020
Sarah Muchnik: Health, Education, & PE: 2017-Winter 2019*
          Cory Martin: Health, Education, & PE: Spring 2019
Sangeeta Sangha: Arts & Humanities:2018-2020
Cisco Orozco: Arts & Humanities: 2017-2019*
*Available. Contact the chair of the division for election information.

Ex- officio Members
Dr. John Mosby: HC President
Ay Saechao: Designee for President Mosby
Raegan Copeland:  Interim Dean of Academic Transfer
and Pre-College Studies



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Faculty Senate Committee Membership

Professional Rights and Responsibilities

Comprised of all current Senators, convened on an ad hoc basis


Advisory Committee on Curriculum

No standing membership. Staffed on an ad hoc basis


Scholastic Review Committee -- The Scholastic Review Committee meets during the first week of each academic quarter to hear reinstatement appeals of students suspended from HCC for lack of academic achievement. To learn more about this committee read this description.

*Please contact your division chair and/or senate secretary, Stephanie Ojeda Ponce if you would like to run for an available position.

Position Representative Term (3 years)
1. Counseling Tom Humphreys Winter 2018 through Fall 2020
2. Mathematics Aaron Warnock (Chair) Winter 2017 through Fall 2019
3.Reading Lijun Shen Winter 2017 through Fall 2019
 4. English Avery Viehmann Winter 2017 through Fall 2019
5. Business Division Marcia Welch Winter 2017 through Fall 2019
 6.Health, Ed, and PE Division Cory Martin Winter 2016 through Fall 2018
7. At-large Michele Manber Winter 2017 through Fall 2019
8. At-large Chris Gan Winter 2016 through Fall 2018
9. Administration Jennifer Scanlon ongoing

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Commencement Committee -- The Commencement Committee meets monthly. The committee is responsible for planning the events surrounding graduation and communicating these plans to the campus. The faculty members elected to the Commencement Committee will be responsible for soliciting faculty suggestions, concerns, and other feedback regarding the commencement ceremony and bringing those to the committee.  They will also provide reports on changes to the commencement that are relevant to faculty.  In addition, both elected faculty members will serve during the ceremony as marshals and/or in other capacities that the commencement committee may need.

Syeda Nizami Seat 1 F2018 through S2020
Darryl Harris Seat 2 F2017 through S2019


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  Graduation Review Board-- The Graduation Review Board meets about once a quarter to hear student appeals concerning the degree granting process. The board makes recommendations to the office of Vice President for Students.. More information ......

Cisco Orozco Seat 1 F2018 through S2020
Karen Fernandez Seat 2 F2017 through S2019
Chris Gan Seat 3 F2017 through S2019

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Faculty Excellence Award Committee- The Faculty Excellence Award committee consists of the director of the Highline Fund Development, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and three faculty members. Once a year the committee considers applications for the award. Details about the award are available in the HCEA contract, section 614 . 3 year terms.

Razmehr Fardad Seat 1 F2016 through S2019
Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield Seat 2 F2018 through S2021
Christie Knighton Seat 3 F2017 through S2020


Student Conduct Committee -- for a full description of this committee read the Washington Academic Code.
 WAC 1321-120-435

Chris Gan Seat 1 F2017 through S2019
Darryl Harris Seat 2 F2016 through S2018


Campus Safety Committee -- for a full description, contact Sue Williamson.

Sangeeta Sangha Seat 1 F2018 through S2020
Marcia Welch Seat 2 F2018 through S2020


Click here for a list of other campus committees that faculty serve on.


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