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Scholastic Review Committee


The Scholastic Review Committee (SRC) provides a means for students to appeal academic suspensions.


At the start of each quarter, committee members will receive packets (typically from the assistant for the VP of student services, currently Dena Dillon) containing students’ written appeals along with copies of relevant academic information like transcripts, placement scores, etc. The packets will also typically include copies of the college catalog, COMPASS placement guide, Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Code, and the probation and suspension policy. Committee members will review the students’ appeals prior to the meeting, then proceed to meet with each student for about 20 minutes to gain a more complete understanding of the student’s particular situation. The student is then excused and the committee decides whether to deny the appeal or to readmit the student, typically with conditions like credit restrictions and meetings with specific campus faculty or staff. At the end of all meetings, the materials are returned to the aforementioned assistant in student services.

Time Commitment

The committee meets at the start of each quarter (including summer), typically beginning at 1:00 on the first day of classes. This session will often last until about 5:30 or 6:00. (Note: Membership on the committee is not restricted to those without time conflicts – the committee’s large size compensates for members needing to teach during a small portion of the session.) When there are enough appeals, the committee reconvenes the next day for another session of potentially the same length. Recently, the typical load has been one full day plus a few additional students for the second day. Aside from possibly choosing to serve as an advisor or mentor for a student before the committee, there are no additional commitments for members other than the committee chair. The committee chair may be asked to provide input into policy decisions affecting the SRC, and in the spring is responsible for informing relevant department coordinators or division chairs about openings on the committee.