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Graduation Review Board-- The Graduation Review Board meets on average once a quarter to hear student appeals concerning exceptions to the Associate of Arts degree requirements.


1.    The Graduation Review Board is a College committee appointed by, and answerable to, the President of Highline Community College. Its mission is to provide institutional oversight for the granting of Highline Community College degrees and certificates. Specifically the Graduation Review Board provides: a mechanism for reviewing and preserving the integrity of Highline Community College’s degrees and certificates;

2.    a collaborative process between administration and faculty in maintaining the academic standards of the institution;

3.    a method for students to appeal, or request waivers of, the decisions of the College’s evaluation processes to include:

a) Degree evaluation
b) Certificate evaluation
c) Transfer-in credit evaluation
d) Graduation with honors evaluation

4.    a method of providing oversight and guidance to the College’s degree, certificate, transfer-in, and honors evaluation mechanisms;

5.    a mechanism for recommending policy changes to the Faculty Senate and other policy recommending bodies in accordance with the College’s “Policy on Policies.”


The Graduation Review Board is comprised of six voting members appointed by the President:

1.        The Registrar who serves as Chair (standing appointment)

2.        The Vice President for Academic Affairs (standing appointment)

3.        The Vice President for Students (standing appointment)

4.        Tenured faculty member nominated by the Faculty Senate (2-year term)

5.        Tenured faculty member nominated by the Faculty Senate (2-year term)

6.        Tenured or probationary faculty member nominated by the Faculty Senate (overlapping 2-year term)


The College’s graduation and transfer-in credit evaluators shall serve as advisors to the Board.


The Chair shall be responsible for convening the Board; any member of the committee may request the Chair to convene the Board; the Board is to maintain functional status during summer quarter.


All appeals or requests for waivers directed to the Board shall be in writing and submitted to the Chair of the Board who shall convene the Board in a timely manner.

Usually the Board makes its decisions based upon the paperwork submitted. The Board reserves the right to hear testimony or to request additional information as the Board determines is needed for a fair decision.


Four members shall constitute a quorum. A majority vote is required to grant an appeal or waiver. At the discretion of the chair, and the concurrence of all Board members, routine appeals may be reviewed by Board members on the basis of the paperwork without convening. However, any member of the Board may request the Board to meet if that Board member believes the matter requires discussion, consultation or clarification with the Board as a whole.


The decision of the Graduation Review Board is final. There is no other method of appeal.